Call Me Mrs. Hayes

Hi I Heart Glitter Fans! Today, I am Hunter Hayes crazy!!! So really you could call me Hunter Hazie Crazy! That is one of the craziest facts about me! Let me tell you some facts about him!

1. His full name is Hunter Easton Hayes

2.He loves sushi!

3. He has a new tour bus named “Sir Duke.”

4. He collects accordions which is really cool because you barely see anybody anymore that knows how to play the accordion!

5. He enjoys flying planes.

6. He started his first band when he was four.  He must have learned a lot when he was young!

7. He plays over 30 instruments!

8. Caffeine keeps Hunter going all day long!

9. He was born in Louisiana! I thought most country superstars were born in Tennessee!

10. He broke a world record for most concerts in 24 hours!

So I guess you could call me a Mrs. Hayes Know-It-All! Also from now on, I will be blogging during the summer on Friday’s and Saturday’s!

Thanks for coming!


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