Criss-Cross Rainbowloom Bracelet

Hi everyone! I’m glad you all stopped by today! Everyone loves Rainbowloom right? Well today I’m going to share a new bracelet that I made. I have to admit. It is really cute. Here are the steps. I did this on the Monster Tail, but you can also do it on the Rainbowloom. You might have to adjust your loom though. You have to know how to make the Fishtail to make this bracelet.

iheartglitterpostpicture 4

  • 1. Twist two color bands on the loom. It should look like a figure 8.
  • 2.Place a different color band diagonally on one of the figure 8 and place another on diagonally by it.
  • 3. Place two bands the pink bands.
  • 4. Grab the bottom band and loop it to the center. Grab the other bottom band and loop it to the center. Turn it around and do the same thing.
  • 5. Put two bands on the loom diagonally.
  • 6. Loop the bottom bands to the center.
  • 7. Put two bands on the loom straight up and down.

Keep on repeating steps 4-7 until your bracelet gets the length that you want it to be.

  • 8. Loop the top band to the band straight down and loop it over.
  • 9. Put a band down in the pin and loop it over on your hook.
  • 10. Take the bracelet off the pin. You can make an extension if needed.

Ta-da! You have made a Criss-Cross bracelet. Please follow and like!

iheartglitterpostpicture 3

Have a great rest of the summer!










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