How To Survive Homework

Hey everyone! Homework can be a hassle right? It makes your head spin with all the numbers and letters all on the page. Also, your teacher gives you tons of sheets! This is my first year being homeschooled and we don’t have homework! These tips I learned from being in public school that helped me get passed homework all the time! Here are some tips.

  • Take your time! It’s not a race to see you can get done first!
  • Check over your work. You don’t know if it is for a grade or not!
  • Eat a snack before you do your homework. That is what I always do.
  • Put your electronics FAR away. They will get your attention and you will quit what you are doing.
  • Do your homework in a quiet area. You can get distracted by the TV or your siblings.

Thanks everyone! I’ll see you again Friday!

Maddie 🙂


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