Review of “Confectionately Yours: Tasting The Cake”

Hey! I recently read the second book of the Confectionately Yours series and I loved it! I have read some books by Lisa Papademetriou, but I think this series is the best. Here is my review.

About The Book

Hayley’s life is turned upside down! It turns out that Artie, her ex-BFF, is dating her crush! Hayley has a new best friend and her father is going to take Hayley and her little sister to an untraditional Thanksgiving with his new girlfriend!

Favorite Character

I think my favorite character had to be Hayley. She seemed like she was around my age and I could relate to her and maybe you would too. Everybody has probably had to have an ex-BFF sometime in their life.


This was an awesome book and I rate it five stars. It was amazing. I could picture everything in my head because it was so descriptive.

Who Would You Recommend This Book To?

I would recommend this book to all of my friends. It is a book that probably everybody can relate too.

I really hope that you all liked this post! I worked very hard on it and it took me a long time even though it was kind of short! Thanks for reading and tell me what type of books you like to read in the comments below!


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