Every One Direction Music Video…EVER

Hey guys! You are probably wondering why I said that I was going to be coming back later this week with another post, but here I am again with another post. So, as you can tell, today’s post is about One Direction. One Direction is my favorite band. Ever since Zayn quit, girls all over the world fell apart and their hearts broke. Zayn will always be a part of One Direction no matter what. So, here is every One Direction music video ever in this history of One Direction.

Night Changes. Probably the cutest video of all time. it’s like we are all going on a date with the boys. 🙂

Steal My Girl. I just love the song. It’s so upbeat and I always dance to it when I hear it.

Best Song Ever. It’s really the best song ever. (see what I did there)

You and I. Man, I just love this song. It’s probably my favorite song out of all of their songs, but you can’t just choose one of them because they are all great.

Story of My Life. I love this song. It’s another one of my favorites.

What Makes You Beautiful. THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!!! Sorry, got into the song. 😀


Live While We’re Young. A great song to listen to when you are with your friends in the summertime.

Midnight Memories. I also love this song just like all of the others.

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) A song they did for Comic Relief. I love the video.

Little Things. It’s such a sweet song.

Last, but not least, Kiss You. It’s a summer song to me.

Guys, if they ever make a music video without Zayn, it won’t be the same! I hope you guys liked this post because I know I did. See you later peeps!


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