Review of “The Time of the Fireflies”

Hey! I recently read this amazing book called The Time of the Fireflies by Kimberley G. Little. I’ve been reading a lot this summer for summer reading programs and just because it is a lot of fun. Here is my review on The Time of the Fireflies.


When Larissa Renaud starts receiving mysterious phone calls on a old disconnected phone that doesn’t even work anymore in her family’s antique store, the person on the phone says to Larissa, “Trust the fireflies.” and, “It’s a matter of life and death,”  Larissa knows she is in for a strange summer. She learns about her family from back in 1912 to a curse that changed her family forever. It’s up to Larissa to save her family without changing history.


My favorite character had to be Larissa. She was around the tween age and she was so brave to go back in time and learn more about her family and the strange curse that is haunting her family for five generations.


My favorite part was when Larissa broke the curse and all of the fireflies came to help too. It was magical.


I would rate this book five stars because it was so descriptive and it was so amazing! You could picture everything in your head and it had a lot of mystery and adventure in it also.


I would recommend this book to anybody who loves mystery, adventure, and history.

Well, that’s my review! Tell me in the comments if you would read The Time of the Fireflies! Stay tuned for more posts!



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