Review of “Drive Me Crazy”

Hi! I’m back with another post about an AMAZING book I just got finished with this morning. It’s called Drive Me Crazy. Here’s my review!


Buckle up! Friendship can be a bumpy road. When Cassie Parker and Lana Thorton-Howe met at Cassie’s Grandma Tess’ and Lana’s Grandpa Howe’s wedding two months ago, it was described as an embarrassment or a disaster, according to who you ask. They are about to spend an entire week together on a honeymoon trip with their grandparents. How will the trip go? Will they be friends right away? Do they have secrets that they have been keeping from each other?


Terra Elan McVoy


My favorite characters had to be Cassie and Lana. They are so different from each other and I love all of the things they did with each other on their trip. They were like sisters.


I loved the part when they were bowling and they got along perfectly. Then, Grandma Tess told Cassie and Lana to ask the DJ if they can turn on “The Hustle.” I also loved the part when Cassie went to go check on Lana outside on the beach to make sure she was okay. Cassie helped Lana do the Magic Moment at the End of the Road. (You’ll find out what the Magic Moment and the End of the Road are in the book)


I rate this book five stars because it was super amazing. It was really descriptive and I could picture everything in my mind. It was also tween related!


I would recommend this book to all of the tween/teen girls reading this post right now. This book is amazing for tweens and teen girls just like you!

Well, that’s the end of this post! I’ll see you back next week for a new post.

Stay sweet,



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