Disney’s “Descendants” Movie Review

Hello! I am back again (like I said I would) with another post! Disney Channel has finally made a FANTASTIC and AMAZING movie for all of us to enjoy. Everybody loves fairy tales right? Well, you got to love the villains. Here is my review of the Disney Channel original movie, Descendants.



When the Beast and Belle’s son is going to be crowned king next month, he tells his parents what he wants to do when he is crowned king. He wants to bring the villain’s kids from the Isle of the Lost to a prep school in Auradon. His parents are shocked at first, but maybe things will be okay.


The cast was amazing! Dove Cameron (from Liv and Maddie) played as Maleficent’s daughter, Mal. Sofia Carson played as the Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie. Cameron Boyce (from Jessie and the new series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything) played as Cruella de Vil’s son, Carlos. BooBoo Stewart played as Jafar’s son, Jay.


The music was amazing just like the cast. Here are the songs that were in the movie.


My favorite characters had to be Evie and Carlos because Evie was the girlish one in the group. She loves makeup, fashion, and she is waiting for her prince charming to come and sweep her off of her feet. I love Carlos because he was just so funny and adorable. I love how he loves Dud (I think I spelled it right) and how he stood up to his mom when she wanted to make a fur coat out of the dog’s fur. Dogs are for loving, not for coats!


A million stars! (even though that’s impossible because you can only go up to five stars), but I loved the movie so much! It has to be my favorite Disney movie of all time.


I would recommend this movie to anybody who loves a Disney Channel Orignal Movie and to whoever loves Disney Channel movies with princesses and princes and especially the villains.

If you, your friend, or anybody that you know isn’t really sure how Disney Channel’s Descendants is, show them this sneak peek of the first six minutes of the movie!

Well, tune in next time for another post! Maybe it will be inspired Disney’s Descendants fashion or another music post or another book review. You just got to come back here and see.

Stay sweet!



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