Review of “School of Charm”

Hello! I’m here with another blog post for you all about a book that I just got finished with today. Here is my book review on School of Charm.


Brenda “Chip” Anderson has always been a tomboy, but when she and her family have to move to North Carolina to live with her grandmother, things don’t turn out as she planned they would. Her grandma has an “off-limits room”, she kills animals and stuffs them, and she loves beauty pageants. Chip feels left out because she doesn’t like beauty pageants at all. When Chip is exploring in the woods, she finds a charm school, so she goes and checks it out. Chip thinks that it’s a school for magic and spells, but it turns out that it’s actually a charm school for beauty pageants. You’ll have to read this magical story set in the late 1970’s to find out what happens next.


Lisa Ann Scott


My favorite characters had to be Brenda “Chip” and Ruthie. I liked Chip because she found out who she was going to be towards the end of the book and her daddy had shown her a sign. I liked Ruthie because she was adorable when the pageant came around and in every chapter of the story (even though she was kind of bossy like her sister Charlene) and she’s just her mama’s baby girl, so you can’t really blame her.


I loved the part when Dana, Karen, and Chip found the patch full of dandelions and they were making wishes and Karen, one of the students at the charm school, runs through the patch of dandelions and the fuzzy, little, white seeds go everywhere!


This book was awesome! I’ve never really read a book that was set back in time when a lot of things happened. It was a different book to read, but I enjoyed it. I rate it five stars. 🙂


I would recommend this book to anybody who loves magic and beauty pageants. I’m not a big fan of beauty pageants because I think that everybody is beautiful and beauty is not a competition, but it was still an amazing book to read.

Well, that’s my review! See you later!



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