The Voice Season 9 Favorites

Happy Fall ya’ll! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been super busy and I haven’t had any ideas, so I guess you could say I was on a busy, yet tough blogger’s block. I’ve finally thought of a post to do though. Since the blind auditions ended last night after two or three weeks, I finally know who I’m rooting for. You have to cheer on a lot of people because one of your favorites may get off of The Voice and then you don’t know who you are going to root for the rest of the season. That’s why I’m going to share with you my favorites from “Season 9” of The Voice.

  1. Jordan Smith is amazing! I really think that he can win The Voice. All of the coaches said that his performance was shocking! He started in a choir and that’s how he’s gotten so much practice. He can hit all of the high notes and everything. That’s why I think he can win.

2. Zach Seabaugh is amazing too and that’s why he is my second favorite. He can probably also win with his talented voice. I think he is sixteen years old, but he sings like a real country singer! That’s why I think he can win.

3. Emily Ann Roberts has a beautiful voice. She can win this! She reminds me a lot of Danielle Bradbery because they are/were on Team Blake and Danielle won The Voice. 

4. Ivonne Acero came back after when she said Colbie Callet’s “Try” last year on The Voice and she did an amazing job singing a creative version of Taylor Swift’s “Style.” She could win with her amazing voice!

Well, I think that those are the Fantastic Four of The Voice! Remember Christina Grimmie? She’s back and she’s bringing you, Voice of Style. She’s telling you about what’s in style on The Voice.

Well, tune in this weekend for another blog post! Bye! 🙂



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