Disney’s “Invisible Sister” Review

What’s up?! Halloween is three weeks away and Disney has given us a spooky movie just in time for the spookiest time of year. I have to admit, Invisible Sister is an AMAZING movie. So, here’s my review to prove it.



Cleo has always been in her sister’s shadow. Molly, her sister, is the popular girl. She soaks up all of the attention, but one day when Cleo’s science teacher tells her to do a different science project, Cleo thinks outside of the box. Who knew that Cleo would accidentally turn her sister invisible? With Cleo pretending to be Molly, things can be tough. Will Cleo make sure that Molly returns visible by midnight on Halloween night or will she be Cleo’s invisible sister forever?


The cast was great. Rowan Blanchard (from Girl Meets World) plays as Cleo, Paris Berelc (from Mighty Med) plays as Cleo’s science project/sister Molly, and Karan Brar (from Jessie and Disney Channel’s new series BUNK’D) plays as Cleo’s friend George.


My favorite characters had to be Cleo and Molly. Their sisterly bond was amazing and when Cleo turned Molly visible again, they both got to enjoy the yearly Halloween festival, Romp the Swamp.


This movie was amazing and it’s now one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. Five stars of course!


I would recommend this movie to anybody who loves Halloween, science, and friendship.

Well, I hope that you all love Disney Channel’s new original movie, Invisible Sister as much as I do! See you next week for a brand new post!


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