How To Have an Awesome, Yet Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween’s in five days and I’m super excited! I am going to finish up my costume today and we are going to put the finishing touches on everything, but there is nothing like Halloween without the Halloween party. These Nickelodeon stars have the perfect things to touch up your Halloween party and make it spooktacular.

  1. Kira Kosarin’s from Nickelodeon’s, The Thundermans has got your back when it comes to those Halloween hacks.

2. These monster marshmallows are super cute! Great job Brec and Coy!

3. Every Halloween party has to have freaky finger foods!

4. Have you always wanted to pull a prank on your best friend, your brother or sister, or even your parents?! Coy and Jack have got you covered with plenty of ideas for Halloween pranks.

5. Here’s another Halloween prank from Kid Danger himself. 🙂

6. More Halloween hacks? Yep! Here’s how to make Halloween Hack-sessories with Lilimar and Haley from Bella and the Bulldogs.

7. Last, but not least, Jack from The Thundermans teaches you how to make puking pumpkins.

That’s a lot of cool, spooky ideas to make your Halloween party spooktacular! From Halloween pranks to the yummy food to the Halloween hacks, it all leads up to the awesome Halloween party! Here’s Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Party hosted by the cast of the brand new show, Game Shakers.

Which tip was your favorite? Tell me in the comments! See you next week for another post. Happy Halloween!


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