“Disney’s Descendants” Inspired Fashion

I know I said in my last post that I wouldn’t come back until next week to do a post, but I think it’s time to do this post. The moment you’ve all been waiting for, Disney’s Descendants Inspired Fashion!

Some of these outfits are made by me. They will have my blog name at the bottom of the outfit along with a light pink heart. Some of these outfits were not made by me, so I will give the person who made it credit by posting the link along with the picture. Here we go!

Mal: Daughter of Maleficent

Based on Mal’s dress for Ben’s coronation, this outfit is just like the actual dress from the movie.

Link to Mal’s Outfit

Evie: Daughter of the Evil Queen Inspired

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? This outfit is inspired by Evie’s girly style from the poison apple earrings to the golden shoes, this outfit is totally Evie.

Link to Evie’s Outfit

Carlos: Son of Cruella de Vil Inspired

Carlos’ mom used to tell him that dogs are evil, but now Carlos knows that his mom is wrong. Here is a Carlos inspired outfit which pretty much shows his love for dogs.

Link to Carlos’ Outfit

Jay: Son of Jafar Inspired

Jay’s outfit has to be my favorite. With the biker gloves and the brown boots, this outfit totally describes Jay’s style.

Link to Jay’s Outfit

Ben: Son of Belle and the Beast

The King of Auradon sure needs a stylish outfit. Here’s an inspired outfit for King Ben.

Link to Ben’s Outfit

Jane: Daughter of The Fairy Godmother Inspired

Jane is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. She’s the girl who didn’t realize that she is beautiful and that beauty lies within. Here’s an inspired outfit for Jane.

Link to Jane’s Outfit

Audrey (Disney's Descendants) Back to School

Audrey is the daughter of Aurora. She didn’t really like Mal in the beginning because Mal’s mom, Maleficent, tried to kill Audrey’s parents. Audrey and Mal had a great time at the end when they all danced to Set It Off in the movie.

Link to Audrey’s Outfit

Lonnie (Disney's Descendants)

Lonnie is the daughter of Mulan. Mal changed her hairstyle to short, black hair to long, brown hair. This is an inspired outfit for Lonnie.

Link to Lonnie’s Outfit


Chad is the son of Cinderella and Prince Charming. He doesn’t like Evie, Mal, Carlos, and Jay at all.

Link to Chad’s Outfit


Last but not least, Doug. He is the son of Dopey, one of the seven dwarves. Whenever he meets Evie, he has a big crush on her.

Link to Doug’s Outfit

That’s all we have today! I give credit to whoever made the outfits that I didn’t make. The first six outfits were made by me. You can follow me on Polyvore when you click the link to any of the first six pictures! Check out my review of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants here!


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