Ankle Boot Inspiration

Ankle boots are one of the newest trends. Every time I go somewhere, I see somebody wearing ankle boots. The hardest part is trying to find outfits to wear with ankle boots. Sometimes, I don’t even know what to wear with my ankle boots. Here are a few outfit inspirations with ankle boots.

One of my favorite looks when pairing jeans with booties is the half cuff. It's an effortless look and is fun when paired with an oversized tee and sunglasses for a weekend with friends. Tip #4: To make this look as effortless as possible, don't make your half cuffs match. Keep them about the same height, but roll/cuff them at slightly different angles and widths to make them look effortless and a little haphazard.:

Link to Picture

With this outfit, you ca wear any black and white striped shirt, jeans, and your ankle boots. If you ever see people wearing ankle boots, they always make a cuff on their jeans. Always cuff your jeans when you are wearing ankle boots.

 Tucking your pants into your ankle boots creates a long, lean leg line. Utility jacket, white shirt, dark leggings or jeggings, gray buckled ankle boots.:

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With this outfit, you can wear a beige or a coat that is like the one above in the picture, a white shirt, and cute black leggings. To me, this outfit is an “on the go casual, yet comfy, yet cute outfit”.

Taylor Swift ambles down a Los Angeles street wearing head-to-toe black, topped off with a porkpie hat, because bad hair days afflict even the history-making performers among us.:

Link to Picture

Taylor Swift is probably every girl’s fashion inspiration. You can do this outfit by wearing a cool, yet cute hat, a black shirt, and black jeans. I would probably cuff my jeans though.

Transitioning Your Wardrobe...:

Link to Picture

With this outfit, she doesn’t have any jeans or leggings. She is just wearing a dress and she has ankle boots to top it off.

That is four outfits that will help you be fashionable in your ankle boots. What was your favorite style inspiration?


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