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Hello everyone!

As you all probably know, Mockingjay Part 2 came out yesterday! Even though I didn’t see on opening night, I sill might see it.

Anyway, since Mockingjay Part 2 came out yesterday, I decided to do this post! It seems like a fun idea and also I’ve never done a tag. If you are also wondering who I am tagging to do this, I’m tagging YOU!


1. What is your favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy?

I think mine would have to be the first book because it is just so suspenseful and adventurous. I just like reading the book over and over again just because it is my favorite.

2. How long would you last in the Hunger Games?

Maybe two days? I seriously don’t know. I probably would just hide in a tree and never get down.

3. What is the strangest thing you thought happened in the books?

I think when Haymitch put his foot on Peeta. That was really strange.

4. How were you introduced to the Hunger Games?

I remember around three years ago when my friends started watching it and I was invited to a party to go watch Catching Fire. I told my friends that I have never read the books or seen the first movie. I still went and the movie started around ten. I was five minutes into the movie, until I had to go home. I was actually glad because I like starting with the first book and movie before I go onto the next.

5. Favorite moment that happens in Hunger Games?

The games of course! It was so suspenseful and I loved how descriptive it was. You got to see everybody come and go. I also liked the interviews because you got to see what everybody said during their interview.

6. Favorite Villain?

Out of all of the villains, I would have to choose Cato. I really felt that Cato didn’t have to be bad if he didn’t want to. He was born in District Two and that is where people always want to volunteer for the games and that is where all of the peacekeepers come from also. I even have a little crush on Cato also, okay, maybe a BIG crush.

7. Who is your Favorite Character?

This is the hardest question ever. It’s like trying to choose the cutest puppy out of the litter. Everybody’s answer is probably Katniss, so I would have to say Peeta. He says the most cutest things, he cares about Katniss, and he is just amazing.

8. What District would you live in?

Maybe District 2 or District 4? I feel like I would fit into those districts just fine.

9. What was the most emotional moment in the books for you?

Rue’s death. Even when I watched the movie I cried at that part!

10. What item from home would you take into the Arena with you?

I really don’t know. I have never really thought of this. Maybe my pink bracelet I have at home or one of my necklaces.

11. What was the most evil plan someone made in the books?

When the game maker said that a male and female from one district could win the 74th Annual Hunger Games, but when Katniss and Peeta were the only ones in the arena, he said that only one could win. That’s when Katniss said she and Peeta were going to eat the nightlock berries, so they would both die together. The game maker couldn’t see both of them die, so he let them both win like he said at first.

12. What was your favorite part of the movie?

When Katniss, Peeta, and Cato were the only people left in the games and they got top of the cornucopia. Then, the mutts killed Cato and Katniss finished him off. (I just feel so bad for Cato though!)

I hoped you loved this tag and comment if you did the tag, I would love to see what you said!


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