Review of “From Willa, With Love”

from_willa_with_loveHey! I got done with another book today! It was shorter than Mockingjay, but it was still awesome. It’s called, From Willa, With Love.

 I have had this book for 2 years and I have never read it. Now, I finally had and it only took me less than a day to read it! Here is my review.


It is August on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Willa Havisham has a lot to look forward to. JFK, her boyfriend, will soon be home from baseball camp in Florida. Willa also wants to change the world by doing something nice for other people, but many twists and turns come towards Willa. Ruby and Tina are leaving Willa out and there’s a love triangle between Willa, JFK, and a boy named Jessie. With a wedding to plan, friends and boys to be on the watch for, and a project that Willa wants to do right in front of her, Willa’s summer is jam-packed. What will happen?


Coleen Murtagh Paratore


My favorite characters had to be Willa and her brother, Will. I liked Willa because she dreams big and she loves books! I liked Will because he was so kind to Willa and he supported Willa.


My favorite part had to be when Rosie, the head chef at Willa’s mom and stepfather’s inn, was leaving and Willa got Lilly, Rosie’s daughter, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Lilly poked the caterpillar’s eye and then she poked Willa’s!


I have to rate this book four stars. I liked it a lot! It really inspired me to do something good.


I would have to recommend this book to everybody in the world that wants to do something good for the world and for everybody in it. I also recommend it for any bookworm out there!

That’s my review! From Willa, With Love is an amazing book and I hope you get the chance to read it! Now, all I have to do is find another book to read! Make sure to enter my short story contest!


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