My New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Hello! 2016 is only 2 days away. It is exciting, but it is terrifying at the same time. The great part about the new year is that we all can try to complete our goals that we want completed by the end of 2016. I am going to share you my 2016 New Years Resolutions and maybe I can get you some ideas. You can also comment yours down below!

  • Read more books and set a reading goal

I LOVE to read. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. It passes time and it feels like you are the one talking and acting everything out. Also, you get to go to places you may never go. I will also set a reading goal of maybe 50 to 100 books (maybe). It is never to late though. I mean, I have all year.

  • Try to get to 100 blog posts and actually celebrate my blog’s birthday

I am so close to getting 100 blog posts on this blog! I think I am around 65? Also, I want to do something fun for my blog’s birthday. I didn’t celebrate my first blog’s birthday which was kind of mean. Let me take that back, it was really mean.

  • Save up my money and not buy something once I see it

When you are me, I can save up my money. If I see something so cool and amazing, I have to buy it. I am actually doing pretty good right now. I have 22 dollars.

  • Reunite One Direction

Okay, this one may not happen, but according to this quiz on Sweety High, it says I am. It says that I really want to end One Direction’s hiatus and maybe I can bring Zayn back. You know, it may not happen, but we have a whole new year sitting right in front of us. Also, Justin Bieber says to never say never.


Look how happy they are. ❤

  • Complete my Wreck this Journal

Do you guys know how fun these are?! I have seen on Pinterest where people actually wreck it, but then I see some people who are amazing artists and they draw in them. Just look up “wreck this journal” ideas and you will see what I mean.

I think that is it. Even though it is not a lot, that is all I can think of. If I think of some more, this post will update. Come back whenever you want and see!


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