“Divergent” Review + Writing Tips from Veronica Roth

I finally got done with Veronica Roth’s Divergent this morning! It was so good! I think everybody should read it. Read my review to find out why.


When you are sixteen years old, you either get to stay with your family or leave them behind. Now that Beatrice Prior and her brother Caleb Prior are sixteen, they have to decide. When they both decide to leave, Beatrice decides to go to Dauntless, the most daredevil faction of them all. Beatrice can’t get kicked out of Dauntless and become factionless for the rest of her life. She has to learn to be brave. But with a big secret that could put her in great danger, it is kind of hard.


Veronica Roth


One of my favorite characters had to be Beatrice because she learned how to be brave and she learned everything she needs to know if she gets in trouble. My other favorite character was Four because he was really kind to Beatrice. At first, I didn’t really like him because I thought he was kind of mean and nice to Beatrice at the same time, but towards the middle and the end, I really liked him.


My favorite part had to be when the Dauntless borns and the Dauntless transfers were playing, “Capture the Flag.” I liked how Beatrice climbed to the top of the old ferris wheel. That is true bravery. Also, Four went with her too. Beatrice told Four not to be scared of how far up they were. And, they ended up winning all because of Beatrice. (Well, Christina grabbed the flag, but it was really Beatrice who came up with the plan.)


I would have to rate this book five stars because it was just so amazing and it taught me how to be brave.


Any person who is a fan of Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games series. I promise you, if you think it is just like The Hunger Games, it is not.

Listen up inspiring writers! In my book, it has writing tips from the author, Veronica Roth! These tips can really help you with your writing and next time I write, I will defiantly use these tips.

STAGE ONE: Word vomit. Just write and do not reread what you just wrote. Even if you don’t remember it! You will be tempted to edit what you just wrote down.

STAGE TWO: Let it sit for a while. This is a great time to reconnect with family and friends you may have neglected while writing.

STAGE THREE: Reread and make notes. Veronica prefers Microsoft Word in Text comments, but she has also used notebooks.

STAGE FOUR: Rip your drafts in shreds. The phrase, “murder your darlings” has been important to Veronica in her life as a writing.

STAGE FIVE: Start writing again.

Those were some really great writing tips from the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth! If you love writing, join my short story contest! Entries are due in February!


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