My Celebrity Fashion Inspirations + My Favorite Outfits

Hey! I have a lot of celebrities that are my favorite. Willow Shields, Sabrina Carpenter, Landry Bender, Lauren Taylor, and so much more. If I named them all, it would probably take forever and it would probably take up this whole post.

I am going to share with you all my celebrity fashion inspirations and my favorite outfits on them. Also, you may be inspired too!

WILLOW/PRIM. | The First "Hunger Games" Red Carpet Vs. The Last:

As you all may know already, Willow Shields plays as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games movies. She is definitely one of my fashion inspirations. Her dress is amazing and her hair also looks very pretty when it is short! Sabrina Carpenter, do you ever wonder if these stars ever look on Pinterest at our boards to see their photos? Well, if you see this Sabrina...I LOVE YOU!!: Sabrina Carpenter wore this cozy comfortable outfit at the end of her music video, “Eyes Wide Open.” It really does look comfortable. I love the blue sweater that she is wearing. Also her shoes even though I probably can’t wear high heels because I may fall in them. 😀 Showing off her fashion credentials: Actress Sofia Carson looked lovely in blue as she hit...: I love Sofia Carson. She is amazing as Evie in Descendants. I love her dress and her dress reminds me a lot of her character Evie.Landry Bender:

I love Landry Bender’s outfit! I lover her style in her show Best Friends Whenever. Her style in Best Friends Whenever reminds me of Maya Hart from Girl Meets World before she started wearing clothes like Riley.
Rowan Blanchard - Screening Of Disney XD's "Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion" - Arrivals: I love Rowan’s causal style. I mean, look at her outfit. It is so comfortable and casual. I love it!

Those are five of my favorite celebrities in some of the outfits I love on them! I wish I had all of these outfits in my closet. Which one is your favorite?  Come back here later this week to see who won the best song of 2015 and survey results! Also, if you love writing, join my short story contest! Entries are due in February! And if you want to win Rydel Lynch’s dress, go here for details!


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