Review of “The Isle of the Lost”

51u643G2a9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Hey! If you are following me on Goodreads, you probably saw that I just got done with Melissa de la Cruz’s The Isle of the Lost and I just wanna say to everybody that is wanting to read it, IT IS AMAZING.

Literally, I have been waiting for months for my library to get this book checked in and I was glad to get my hands on it. Here is my review of The Isle of the Lost.


Twenty years ago, King Beast banished all of the world’s greatest villains like from Auradon to the Isle of the Lost. Now, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos have to go on a quest to find the Dragon’s Eye. It may give them magic and they may find a way to get off the island. Will they find it and get off of the island?


Melissa de la Cruz

Speaking of characters, let’s talk about it for a minute. Okay, if you watched Descendants on Disney Channel, you saw that they were all friends. If you think that it is going to happen in the book, you are WRONG. Mal and Jay are frenemies and they don’t like Carlos and Evie, Evie has been castleschooled for her whole entire life (you will find out why in the beginning), and Carlos is a inventor which is really cool. I am not being mean or anything, I am just stating the differences. Anywho, my favorite characters had to be Evie and Carlos because Evie was castleschooled (which I am too, but instead I am homeschooled even though it is the same thing) and Carlos was just so adorable when he would invent and he was just so nice to Evie on her first day. There are a million other reasons, but it would take forever to list. I mean, look at the giant paragraph I have already!


I liked how it switched over from Auradon back to the Isle of the Lost, but my favorite part had to be when they were on a mission to search for the Dragon’s Eye. I will not say anything else because I do not want to spoil it for anybody who wants to read the book because that is the kind person I am.


Can I just say that I LOVED this book, so I rate it 5 stars. Maybe a hundred? Possibly a million? Let’s just stick with 5 for now.


To all of the Disney fans out there who just have a soft spot in their hearts for all of the villains out there and to anybody who just read this review and they want to get their hands on the book.

I am so glad I got a chance to get my hands on this book! Follow my Goodreads account for more things bookish. Until next time, bye!


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