Review of “Rufus”

I am back with another review, but it isn’t a book review, it is a review about a Nickelodeon movie that came on last night called Rufus. This movie was so adorable, but before I say anything else, let’s get started with the review!



Manny Garcia is the new kid at school and on his first day, everything goes wrong. When he is outside playing with Rufus, Rufus finds a magical necklace. So, when Manny wishes that Rufus could turn into a human, it actually does happen. Now, Manny has to teach Rufus how to be a human, so people won’t actually figure out he is a dog. Things don’t turn out as planned when a gang is trying to find the necklace. What will happen?


Jace Norman from Henry Danger plays as Rufus in this adorable movie, Haley Tju from Bella and the Bulldogs plays as Paige Prescott. She is a news reporter for the school’s newspaper. Davis Cleveland from Disney’s Shake it Up plays as the new kid, Manny Garcia. I seriously did not know that Davis was going to be in this movie. I haven’t seen him be in anything except for Shake It Up, so I was really shocked, yet amazed to find out that he was in this movie!


I think Manny, Paige, and Rufus had to be my favorite characters. I really do hope that Manny and Paige get to become really great friends like Rufus and Manny.


Any dog lover out there who just happens to love Nickelodeon movies as much as I do. This movie was adorable and fantastic, so I think that everybody should watch it.

That is my review on Nickeloden’s Rufus! If you watched the movie last night, what did you think? Tell me in the comments below!


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