Example for My Short Story Contest

Hi! I have been super busy lately with a jam-packed schedule full of home school, guitar practice, lots and lots of reading, and also because I have had a big writer’s block lately. Anyway, if you have checked out my short story contest,  you can see that it has been up for a LONG TIME. Yeah, I have only had one entry from the amazing Madi and I really love it. It is that amazing. Anyway, if you want to enter, just comment that you are going to do it and comment your blog URL, so I can check back regularly.

So, three prompts, one story, let’s do this. Here is my example a short story for my short story contest!

“Hurry!” I yelled to my brother Conner as we ran down the green grassy meadow towards our grandmother’s old cabin. “Wait Ellie! You know I can’t run fast!” Conner replied as he caught up to me. We both went inside and sat down on the red velvet couch by the fireplace. Grandma handed us a cup of hot cocoa with a twist of peppermint. That was my favorite. Suddenly, I felt a little spark in my hands. What was happening?

I went back to my grandma’s house later that week without my brother. I walked inside. “Ellie dear, I thought you were with your brother and your parents?”

“No, I came to ask you something.”

“Tell me sweetheart.”

“It all started a few days ago as I was running through the meadow with Conner and when I came back in, I felt a spark in my hands. All week, weird things have been happening to me. I just don’t know why.” I told Grandma as she nodded. “I see, let me see your hands.”

I gave her my hands as she set them in hers. She looked at them as a rainbow spark flew out of my hands. “El, you are special. You can’t deny that.”


“A long time ago, people called the Light Shiners came into the world to protect all of us. You are one of them. Ellie, you are special, my dear.” I looked at her in shock. I was special?

That is my short story and I hoped you all enjoyed! I may continue on this story, but I am not really sure. Go click on the link above to enter my short story contest! The prizes are awesome! I hope you all enter!


2 thoughts on “Example for My Short Story Contest

  1. This was sooo good! I’m really sorry I didn’t get to enter. 😦 But if you do another one, let me know And I’ll (hopefully) actually write something! Instead of last time where I told you I wuld write, and then that never happened…😝

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