My Writing Playlist

I love to write. Writing is one of my favorite things to do. It’s calming, it expresses your creativity, and it lets you go into another world like an unknown future or the present time. But sometimes, it is stressful. I mean it. Here is my writing playlist that gets me pumped.

I love “Lightning Strikes” by R5. If you like R5 just like me, take this piece of cake.*hands you cake* This song is sung by Rydel Lynch and it is amazing! It gets me pumped when I start to write and then eventually I start to sing along. I am actually listening to it right now. See, this is defiantly a writing song.

“Night Changes” by One Direction is a calming song. I sometimes listen to this song sometimes when I do my schoolwork. (Don’t worry! I am homeschooled!)

“Hello” by Adele is also one of the songs on my writing playlist because of two reasons. 1. Because it is amazing. 2. It’s Adele?! You can’t have a playlist without Adele on it. Then, it is not a playlist.

I just heard “F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D” about two days ago and it is amazing. It’s a little bit upbeat, but it kind of starts out slow. Ross Lynch says it is his favorite song on the album because it has the Stevie Wonder vibe. This song just makes me feel good! (Get it? If you get it, take another slice of cake. *hands you cake*)

Three R5 songs?! Well, that is a treat! I like “One Last Dance” because it is calming and sometimes very sad. Well, kind of. Let me rephrase that, it touches your heart.

This is probably my first playlist that has a song by Taylor Swift on it. I like “Red” because of so many reasons. It isn’t my favorite song, but it’s good.

I love this version of “Stitches”. It is calming. I like Shawn Mendes’ music, but I haven’t really heard a lot from Hailee Steinfield.

“Little Things” has to be one of my favorite One Direction songs for so many reasons. First, Niall’s solo in the song is amazing and beautiful and awesome. Second, I like the message that it has in the song.

I love “Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift. She sang it for The Hunger Games soundtrack and I am just hearing it now. It perfectly describes when Katniss is in the arena.

Those are nine songs that I usually listen to when I am writing! If you love writing, then my short story contest is perfect for you. Just go to the post, comment your blog address, and say that you are going to do it! I will check back on your blog to see if you did it! If you have gotten done with your short story, just comment on the short story contest post! Come back in a few days to see what song was the best of 2015!


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