When I First Saw You #1

Hello! You are probably wondering what is “When I First Saw You” when you first saw the title. Luckily, I am going to tell you what it is all about. I am trying this out for the first time and I am super excited!

What is “When I First Saw You?”

“When I First Saw You” is a original weekly meme created by Sophie @ Sailing Through Books. Every week, you are given a title and a book cover for you to create your own synopsis based on the book title and cover. It is now official that Izel @ A Bookish Flower and Sophie are co-hosting “When I First Saw You” together!

What is Special About It?

I am not going to copy Izel and Sophie word for word on this. I am going to give you my honest opinion. It seems like YOU are the author of an upcoming book. That is what makes it so fun. Also, you get to say what you think the book is going to be about. That is also why I really wanted to do this today. Thank you Izel, and Sophie, for introducing me to this awesome idea! Also, they have giveaways too! You can check those giveaways out on Sophie’s and Izel’s websites.

This Week’s Cover is…


Title: Draw the Line
Author: Laurent Linn
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books, Simon & Shuster
Release Date: May 17th 2016
Find it on Goodreads here

My Synopsis:

Meet Dylan North. A teenage boy with a passion for art and comic books. When he draws Incognito, one of his made-up superheros, for the school newspaper, something horrible happens. Incognito actually does come alive and he starts destroying Dylan’s town in Pennsylvania. Dylan will have to unleash his superhero side as he tries to destroy his own “superhero” that came from his imagination.

The Real Deal:

Adrian Piper is used to blending into the background at his Texas high school. He may be a talented artist, a sci-fi geek, and gay, but those traits only bring him the worst kind of attention.
In fact, the only place he feels free to express himself is at his drawing table, crafting a secret world through his own Renaissance art-inspired superhero, Graphite.
But in real life, when a shocking hate crime flips his world upside-down, Adrian must decide what kind of person he wants to be. Maybe it’s time to not be so invisible after all—no matter how dangerous the risk.


Wow, I have to say I was actually pretty close in my opinion. Except, I am not really sure if somebody that Adrian draws actually comes alive and starts destroying his city that he lives in. I may have to check this book out when it comes out this summer! I don’t think I have ever read a book like this!

I had so much fun doing “When I First Saw You” this week! It is something that I will have to do more often! I will definitely do it next time. It was just so much fun! Also, I may have to write a story based on what I thought. Tell me what you think about Draw The Line! Are you going to do “When I First Saw You” next week? If you have done “When I First Saw You” this week, comment the link, so I can see what you thought!

When I First Saw You

Stay awesome!



5 thoughts on “When I First Saw You #1

  1. Ouhhhh! Your synopsis is awesome! A drawing coming to life? Where do I sign up?^^
    Your participation means more than you can imagine, thank you!<3
    I'm looking forward to reading more of you:D

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