Songs That Would Be Really Awesome Books

Have you ever wished that some of your favorite songs could actually be turned into some really amazing books? Well, today your wish is granted! Here are ten songs that would make a really awesome book.

  • I think that “Drag Me Down” would be a great book. If this song was turned into a book, then the book would be some kind of superhero story.

  • Raise your hands if you think that Bea Miller’s “Enemy Fire” would make a fantastic book series! The book would have to be about a world in war set in dystopian world. The main character would be a great example of a girl power character or a boy power character. Depends on how you put it.

  • Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” would also be a great song for a story idea like the one for Bea Miller’s “Enemy Fire.” Maybe this one could be about somebody who has special abilities and the person is trying to keep it a secret. I remember that when I was around in the 4th grade, me and my classmates were in love with this song.

  • R5’s “Heart Made Up on You” would be an amazing song turned into a book also! Just imagine how action packed it will be!

  • I am not a big fan of Zendaya, but her new song “Finding Neverland” would actually be a really awesome fantasy book.

  • Coldplay’s song “Paradise” would be really awesome as a book. Trust me, it will.

  • Another Coldplay song just for you from me. “Adventure of a Lifetime” would be a really awesome book about an adventure of a lifetime. Get it?

  • Just imagine “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift as a book! I would definitely read it and I would love it so much that I wouldn’t want to give it away. It would be action packed and it would be so awesome!

  • Next, we have “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes. This would be a action packed book with a giant battle over something major or just something plain silly.

  • Last but not least, we have “Glowing in the Dark” by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. I have only listened to this song two times and I fell in love instantly. Dove and Ryan just sound so awesome together and I am glad that Ryan got to sing more in this song because in “Written in the Stars” he was kind of like a backup singer to Dove. I love them either way!

Those are ten songs that would really make great books. Comment which one was your favorite in the comments below and comment some songs that you think would make great books!

Also, be on the lookout for news on my blog because I have a big surprise coming! Take care everyone and Happy early Valentine’s Day!



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