This Week’s Playlist

Hello! I have recently heard a lot of new songs and I fell in love with all of them. I feel that way a lot of the time and to me it is normal. Also, I have a big surprise towards the end of the post so be on the lookout for the surprise!

Here is this week’s playlist!

I am not a big fan of Troye Sivan, but his song “Youth” is actually pretty good. I heard it in the car, so I looked and saw who it was by and I had to listen to it again. It comes on all the time on Radio Disney.

I love this song so much! It was different than “Written in the Stars” but a good different. I like how Ryan got to sing more in this song and they both sounded amazing together.

L2M is one of the newest girl groups in music and they are rising to fame! They are the singing voices in the new LEGO Friends Movie and they are amazing. Their song “GIRLZ” is a song about girl power and loving who you are. You can check out this interview with the girls of L2M here!

An early throwback Thursday to one of my favorite One Direction songs, “You and I.” Sometimes I like to pretend it is called “You and Pie,” but I said sometimes. Not all of the time, sometimes….

Last but not least. we have Ruth B’s “Lost Boy.” I like how this song is about Peter Pan. I have had some really great memories when I was little with Peter Pan, so I was really excited to hear this song. It was so pretty and slow, but I still loved it!


Now, for the surprise! The surprise it that I have a book blog called Tumbling Through Books! I made it in honor of my blog’s second birthday next week on Tuesday and I am super excited! I was going to tell everyone next Tuesday, but I couldn’t wait much longer! Enjoy my playlist guys and don’t forget to check out my new bookish blog!


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