When I First Saw You #4

Hello! Welcome to another “When I First Saw You!” I will now be doing these on this blog and my book blog, Tumbling Through Books starting next month. You can find out all about “When I First Saw You” on Sophie’s blog and on Izel’s blog! I will tell you what it is in my own words like I always do and if you also want to see an example of how it is done, you can check out my last WIFSY post here!

What is “When I First Saw You?”

“When I First Saw You” is a weekly little get together where you are given a book cover and you get to make your own synopsis based on the cover of the book. To sum it all up, you get to use your imagination to find out what the book is going to be about.

This Week’s Cover is…

The Adventurist: A Novel

Title: The Adventurist
Author: J. Bradford Hipps
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Release date: April 26th 2016
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My Made Up Synopsis:

Sabrina Mason works with her mother and her father in a big printing press building in the middle of New York City. Everyday she gets tired of doing the same thing over and over again. She wants to do something else with her life besides working 9 hours a day in her family’s printing press with a lot of other people.

Sabrina decides to quit her job at the printing press and she decides to go on many daring adventures from sky diving to swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Sabrina will meet many friends along the way and she will remove friends along the way. Promises will be broken and promises will be made.

Who said you couldn’t live life as an adventure?

The Real Deal:

In the anonymous office park of a modern software company, whip-smart software engineer Henry Hurt is a man in the middle: of life, of career, of self-assessment. Mired in his corporate responsibilities, Henry’s deathless office existence is torpedoed by losing his mother.

Overcome by “the pall,” Henry seeks escape in a quest for love and purpose occasioned by a crisis in his company’s fortunes. Dodging an Iago-like rival, he finds love with a colleague in his department, endangers his bond with his family, and finally confronts the single urgent question of his life.

The Adventurist is about relationships: Henry has complicated ones with his sister, Gretchen, who has stayed at home with their father; his lover Jane, a sleek and efficient mirror image of Henry; and a tantalizing potential girlfriend, Karen, the ultimate free spirit. But his relationship to his corporate and familial responsibilities may change his fortunes even more than the women in his life.


Well, I wasn’t close. I was just going by the title. I am not really sure about reading the actually book, but I would read a book with my synopsis. I mean, the title says The Adventurist, so the first word that popped into my mind was “adventure.” That is the truth.

I probably won’t read the book because it doesn’t appeal to me, but if it does come out and I hear a ton of great things about it, I will read it and see what it is.

The cover was also kind of tricky in my opinion just like last week’s cover. I can usually get a synopsis right off the top of my head, but this week’s was actually really tricky.

That’s it for today! Have a great weekend everyone!


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