Five April Fool’s Pranks

Hello! Sorry for the long break. I have been super busy because I have mostly been writing for Camp Nanowrimo!

Anyway, I am back to show you some super funny April Fool’s pranks because what is April Fool’s Day without pranks? Everybody needs pranks! Here are some super funny pranks to pull on your best friend to your parents on Friday!

Jace Norman teaches you how to make fake poop! Wow, I never thought I would have to say that.

You think it is a nice, refreshing orange soda, but is it? IS IT? No it is not! Check out all of the details here on how to make this super fun prank.

Did you know you can sabotage your friend’s soda? Watch the video to check out more!

I have never heard of a balloon cake, but this is an amazing prank made by the amazing Kira Kosarin! Watch the video to find out more!

Last but not least, do you think these yummy caramel apples? Nope! These are caramel onions! Watch the video to find out how School of Rock’s Breanna Yde made these!

Those were five super cool April Fool’s pranks that are super easy and fun to do! Come back soon for another untimate girl power playlist with some of your favorite songs to dance to! Which prank was your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Five April Fool’s Pranks

  1. What?? How did I not see this until now?? Argh, I could’ve totally pranked someone with one of these! Oh well. 😛
    Anyways, I also wanted to ask what your Camp NaNoWriMo username was? Me and one of my other blogging friends started a cabin together, and I want to invite you to join! 😀
    ~ Suzy

    • I hope you had a great April Fool’s Day! My family didn’t do ANY pranks! 😀 My username is “iheartglitter” just like my blog name. I use it for almost everything. 🙂

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