Currently #5

Hello! Hasn’t March flew by?! Yes it has and I am back with another “Currently” post! I still can’t believe we are 4 months into the year! Let’s check out what I am currently up to!

Currently Loving// Let’s see, books. Mostly dystopian books and fantasy books. I love every book genre, but those two genres are my absolute favorite to read.

Currently Excited for// I am still currently excited for baseball season and opening day is happening this week for my favorite team of all time, the Chicago Cubs! I love my Cubs! I am also excited for the Radio Disney Music Awards! You can check out who I am voting for here.

Currently Listening to// Radio Disney and more Radio Disney. It is a kid friendly station that plays music my way! I love it so much!

Currently Reading// I am currently reading Elemental by Antony John. I really hope that there is a ton of action coming up because right now it is kind of slow, but I still want to keep on reading and see what happens.

Currently Fangirling Over// Wow, I love this question so much that I am so glad that I added it. I am currently fangirling over Camp Nanowrimo and in my opinion, my novel is amazing! I almost have ten thousand words. You can check out a snippet and all about Camp Nanowrimo on my newly named/designed book blog here.

Currently Watching// Nickelodeon’s School of Rock! I think it is such a great show to watch even if you haven’t seen the movie. The cast is amazing and it is just so funny. I hope the win “Battle of the Bands!”

Currently Drinking and Eating// *awkward silence*

That is what I am currently up to! What are you currently up to?


3 thoughts on “Currently #5

  1. Lots of good ones! 🙂
    Also, I tried to invite you to my Camp NaNo cabin, but it said I couldn’t since you were a “cabin administrator”… Do you have your own cabin? 😛
    ~ Suzy

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