“This or That” Tag

Hello everyone!

No, you are not dreaming! I am doing a blog post! I think the last time I have done a post was somewhere around in the beginning of April, but I am here now and I am doing a blog post. Here is the reason why I have been so inactive.

I was doing Camp Nanowrimo and I have been so stressed out with writing my novel, but guess what? All my hard work has paid off because I won last night! I was so happy!

Since I don’t know what to write today, I found this really awesome tag off of one amazing bookish blog, Bookidote, and I had to do it! Here is the “This or That” tag!

1. Reading on the Couch or on the Bed?

Um, my bed of course! If I read on the couch, I can’t concentrate because the TV is on and everybody is talking, but I just love reading on my bed because all of my books are in my room.

2. Male Main Character or Female Main Character?

I love male main characters because I love to read all of the time, but in all of the dystopian books and other genres of books I have read there is always a female character that is also the hero. That is why I love male main characters.

Don’t worry female main characters! I will also enjoy reading you, but look at Thomas from James Dashner’s The Maze Runner. Is he amazing or what?!


3. Sweet Snacks or Salty Snacks When Reading?

Um, I usually don’t have snacks when I’m reading, but if I had to choose one over the other, I would have to choose sweet snacks.

4. First Person Point of View or Third Person Point of View?

I love third person point of view, but after reading so many books in first person point of view, I have really grown over to the first person point of view side.

5. Reading at Night or in the Morning?

I love to read in the night. I’m a night owl, but sometimes I get really tired when I read at night. It has its pros and cons.

6. Libraries of Bookstores?

When you only have seven dollars, you can’t go to a bookstore. Right now, I have to say libraries. I love borrowing the book first because then I can read it and I get to see if there is anything inappropriate in it. I don’t like bad books.

7. Books That Make You Laugh or Books That Make You Cry?

I love feeling the feels once in a while, but I love to laugh. Is it possible that I can say both? I love happy, but I love sad. I mean, they are both so good!

8. Who Would Win a Fight? Queen Levana or Voldemort?

Duh, Voldemort would win a fight. Queen Levana is a lunar queen and Voldemort is a wizard. Plot twist! What if they teamed up and fought together? Even though it probably won’t happen, I’m fangirling right now!

9. TV Shows or Movies?

TV shows for the win! Instead of seeing your favorite character on screen for two hours, you could see your favorite character for a whole season or two, possibly three or four.

Who am I tagging?

You of course! Yes you reading this post right now! Do this tag right now and comment the link to your post in the comments! I would love to see your answers!

Thanks for stopping by! Head over to Polaroid Books because a ton of book reviews are coming over there and stick around this week for more posts headed your way! In the meantime, I’ll see you all later!


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