Five Female Superheros that Deserve their Own Movie

Hello! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been so busy, but an idea popped into my head last night. Anyway, I love superheros. I love Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and so much more.

Wait, what about the female superheros? I mean, they save the world just like the male superheros.

Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite five female superheros that should have their own movies just like the boys. Let’s get started!

Black Widow

Black Widow is almost in every Marvel movie, but she doesn’t have her own movie. She fights side by side with the boys. Black Widow should have her own movie and we can also let some of her friends be in her movie like Hawkeye. (Black Widow and Hawkeye forever!)

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has to be one of my favorite Marvel characters and now she is learning to be a hero in the movie, Captain America: Civil War. She has amazing powers, but she has to learn responsibility. I really want a movie about Scarlet Witch and maybe it can have a little back story about Scarlet in the movie!


Supergirl has her own series, but I don’t think she has a movie. They should make a movie about Supergirl because they have one about her partner in crime, Superman. Supergirl is amazing because she is a newswoman in disguise. She has laser eyes and freeze breath. Talk about girl power! It would be so cool if they had a movie about her because what if she came from Krypton too just like Superman!


Starfire isn’t really mentioned in any of the D.C. movies, but what if she had a movie of her own? I love being Starfire on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and she is probably my favorite character of all time. She is an alien from outer space with amazing powers. To everybody else, she is a minor character, but I know that D.C. will make a movie about her someday.


We have many Batman movies, but what about Batgirl? She is super awesome just like Batman and all of the other D.C. characters. Batgirl is kind of similar to Batman, but they are total opposites in my opinion. If they had a Batgirl series just like they do with all of the Batman movies, my life will be complete.

Those are five female superheros that should have their own movies! Have you seen Captain America: Civil War yet? I haven’t, but it looks so good! If you aren’t really sure about the new Marvel movie that everybody is talking about, check out the trailer! Are you on Team Captain America or Team Iron Man? (#TeamCap)


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