How to Make a Rainbowloom Fishtail Bracelet

Hello everybody! How is your day going? Mine’s is raining cats and dogs and cloudy, but luckily there is a Disney Channel Original Movie marathon on today. Movies always make cloudy days better.

I haven’t done a craft since one of my very first posts where I showed all of you my St. Patty’s Day bracelets. Today, I am going to show you how to make a Rainbowloom Fishtail bracelet along with a video tutorial and great color combinations.

Step One: Go and get your loom, place a colored rubber band on the loom in a figure eight.

Step Two: Grab another rubber band and place it on the loom.

Step Three: Do the same thing like you did on step number two.

Step Four: Grab the bottom band with your hook and loop it over the top two bands. Do the same to the other side.

Step Five: Repeat step two, step three, and step four.

If you aren’t very good at reading a tutorial step by step like the one I have above, here is a very helpful video tutorial!

Now, I am going to share with you some great color combinations. I love getting two different colored bands and seeing what they come up with! Here are some of my favorite color combinations.

  • Any color with white

I love this color combination and the white goes with any color. It is so pretty and I love wearing my white with any color bracelets.

  • Cotton Candy pink and bright blue

Every single time I think of these two colors, I think of cotton candy. That is one of the reasons I love making bracelets with this colors combination.

  • Any color with black

Honestly, black is not my favorite color. Black sometimes goes well with different colors. Make some and see what works for you.

That is how to make a Rainbowloom Fishtail bracelet and 3 great color combinations! I really hope you all enjoy this post and have a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Also, comment down some post ideas in the comments below!


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