Review of “Adventures in Babysitting”

Hey everybody! If you caught Adventures in Babysitting on Disney Channel last night, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t caught the 100th DCOM, you are missing out.

Adventures in Babysitting was so good and so amazing! Check out my review of the 100th DCOM right here, right now.



Jenny Parker is a very organized girl and she happens to be a very experienced babysitter. On the other hand, Lola Perez is very desperate to earn some money so she can pay for her overdue parking tickets. When Jenny’s and Lola’s phone switch, Lola agrees to babysit the Anderson kids. Lola has no experience with kids.

When one of the Anderson kids sneak out of the house, Jenny, Lola, the Cooper girls, and the Anderson kids go on a crazy adventure in the city. Want to know more? Well, you have to check out Adventures in Babysitting on Disney Channel.


Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World plays as Jenny Parker, an organized teenage girl who is super smart and super experienced with kids. Sofia Carson from Descendants plays as Lola Perez, a teenage girl who isn’t afraid to take risks and break the rules. Kevin Quinn from BUNK’D plays as Zac Chase, a boy that happens to like Jenny and he is afraid that Jenny doesn’t like him because she said she wasn’t interested in him, or did she?


Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson sing “Wildside” in the movie. It plays at the beginning of the movie and towards the end of the movie. In the movie, Jenny and Lola end up on stage and they have a rap battle. Super cool, huh?


I could relate to Jenny and Lola. I am not the girl that really likes to take risks, but I am willing to try something different every once in a while. I like an adventure and I am really organized, well sometimes I’m organized. Also, I am a pretty decent babysitter. To sum it all up, my favorite characters were Jenny and Lola.


The 100th DCOM was so good! I saw it a week ago on demand and it was amazing, so I had to watch it again on the night it premiered. I would have to rate it nine stars and it is a fantastic remake from the 1987 edition.


Well, if you are a babysitter that likes to take risks and live outside of the box, I would have to say this movie is for you. Also, if you are a fan of Sabrina and Sofia this movie is for you. Sabrina and Sofia are amazing because they are SC². You know, Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson? They are both SC!

If you, your friends, or one of your family members aren’t sure about this Disney remake of Adventures in Babysitting, tell them to watch the first ten minutes of the movie. Who knows, maybe they will change their mind.

That is it for today’s post and I hope you enjoyed my review of Adventures in Babysitting! Have you seen the movie? Are you the kind of babysitter who takes risks or are you the kind who is organized and careful? Comment below!


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