The End of the Road.

Hi everyone! I know that I say that I have been uninspired with a lack of posts and it is true. Sometimes, I wonder if goodbyes are even real. I guess that they are.

It has been two years since I have started this blog and I just want to say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. This blog is more than some webpage on the internet that everybody passes. This is one of my hobbies that I truly adore. I love I Heart Glitter.

A lot can happen in two years. My interests have changed. Every since I found out about book blogging and I joined a book club with some of my friends, I have fell in love with books. Ever since I started Polaroid Books, my book blog, I have been so interested in writing posts on my book blog. When it comes to this blog, I have to look up blog post ideas. They just do not seem to come to me anymore.

I know that I said when I get to one hundred blog posts on this blog, I would do something special. How am I going to get to my goal if I do not know what I want to write about?

Now, book blogging is something that I love doing and leaving I Heart Glitter breaks my heart, but I have to remember that I can come back and look at this blog whenever I want. It is like my online journal full of things I have written in the last two years.

Guys, I just want to say thank you so much for reading my posts and sticking with me through these amazing two years. It has been one crazy journey and I thank all of you for reading and commenting on my posts. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back with another post for you all reading right now.

With love,

Maddie c:


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