How to Make a Rainbowloom Fishtail Bracelet

Hello everybody! How is your day going? Mine’s is raining cats and dogs and cloudy, but luckily there is a Disney Channel Original Movie marathon on today. Movies always make cloudy days better.

I haven’t done a craft since one of my very first posts where I showed all of you my St. Patty’s Day bracelets. Today, I am going to show you how to make a Rainbowloom Fishtail bracelet along with a video tutorial and great color combinations.
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2015 End of the Year Survey

Hey! 2016 is tomorrow, so I would like to know what you love about my blog.



So, I need you to take this survey! Yes you! Take this survey and tell your friends to take it. I am counting on you. You are probably wondering what this survey is about though.

Well, this survey is about my blog and everything you would like to see in 2016! Changes, some of the same posts I do now, and so much more! I will check back in a couple of days to see what you all guys said! Here is the survey. Enjoy!


Top 5 DIY Projects from Bethany Mota

Hey! Everybody loves a DIY project right? I know I do.

Bethany Mota is amazing at DIYs! These DIY projects are great for birthday presents, Christmas presents, or just for you! Here are some of my favorites.

5. Dry Erase Notebook


  • A notebook
  • Cardstock in two of your favorite patterns or just a plain color
  • A hole puncher
  • Mod podge
  • Scissors
  • Dry erase stickers
  • Thin cork board how scrapbooking

Video Tutorial:

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