What Makes a Song Unique?

Hello! Can I tell you something? You’re famous.

Well, you may be a famous actress from one of my favorite TV shows and you’re looking at this post right now or you may just be an average teenage girl. Famous or not, I just want to say hi. *waves wildly*

Let’s just say that you are famous and you want to make your first ever song. Well, what makes a song unique?

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2016 Radio Disney Awards Nominees

Hello! Guess who is nominated for a RDMA? Some of your favorite artists from One Direction to Shawn Mendes to Meghan Trainor! You can continue to read and see if your favorites are nominated for an Ardy.

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The ULTIMATE Music Tag

Hey! I am back after 10 long days of not blogging. I have been super busy with school and my birthday was 2 days ago and it was really busy, but super fun at the same time. Now, I am going to do the ULTIMATE music tag. The ULTIMATE Music Tag // For a Blog PostYes, I am capitalizing ULTIMATE because it is a superhero word and it is just extremely awesome and the same time. Let’s get started with the tag!

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Artists I Would Like to See on Radio Disney Country

Radio Disney Country just launched two days ago on the day of the CMA Awards and there are a lot of great country artists and rising country stars. If you are a big fan of country music, you came to the right place. Here are some of the artists I would like to see on Radio Disney Country.

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Back to School Playlist

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’m back with another post! I’ve been working on a fashion post for you all on one of my favorite Disney movies, but first I am here to share my back to school playlist.

School is around the corner for some people. You may have started school, but I start this Monday because I’m homeschooled :D, but I still have a back to school playlist of some of my favorite songs. Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for, my back to school playlist.

NOTE- Some of these videos probably have the official video on YouTube. If the official video is not on here, it means I have not seen it yet. 🙂

Sofia Carson’s “Rotten to the Core Remix”

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