My Summer 2016 Playlist

Hello! Summer is almost here and when it comes to hanging out with your friends, having amazing sleepovers, and going to the pool, you must have a summer playlist.

This playlist pretty much describes summer. From summer music videos to upbeat songs that make you want to dance, here is a summer playlist to make your summer amazing.

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2016 Kids’ Choice Awards Winners

Hello! Last night, the KCA’s came on and it was amazing! It was jam packed and so much happened. That is why I am going to fill you in on some of the biggest moments from the KCA’s last night. From the winners to some of the best slime moments. Here are your winners of the 2016 KCA’s! The winners will be highlighted in orange and the ones I voted for will be in green. Great color coding if I do say so myself. You can check out who I voted for here.

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Happy 2nd Blogaversary to IHeartGlitter!

Hello! I am super happy to announce that my blog is finally two! Happy birthday! *blows a kazoo*

Yes, I have been super excited about this and I didn’t celebrate it last year which I was really sad about. I don’t know why I skipped it. I was probably busy with something. I do not remember. What matters it that I am celebrating it today.

happy birthday i heart glitter!

In honor of my blog’s birthday today, I started a book blog called Tumbling Through Books a few days ago. It doesn’t have any posts on it yet because I am still trying to figure out of fun bookish posts to post on my bookish blog.

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2016 KCA Awards Nominees

What’s up everybody? The 2016 KCA Awards are coming soon in March and guess who’s hosting?

Blake Shelton..

Well, I guess that’s fine. I mean, Blake Shelton isn’t my favorite singer, but I am glad he is hosting this year. At least we get to see what he’s has got up his sleeves for the KCA’s. The KCA’s are one of the biggest award shows just for kids. The ones highlighted in pink are the people I am voting for. Drumroll please, here are the nominees for the 2016 Kids Choice Awards!

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Songs That Would Be Really Awesome Books

Have you ever wished that some of your favorite songs could actually be turned into some really amazing books? Well, today your wish is granted! Here are ten songs that would make a really awesome book.

  • I think that “Drag Me Down” would be a great book. If this song was turned into a book, then the book would be some kind of superhero story.

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