My Summer 2016 Playlist

Hello! Summer is almost here and when it comes to hanging out with your friends, having amazing sleepovers, and going to the pool, you must have a summer playlist.

This playlist pretty much describes summer. From summer music videos to upbeat songs that make you want to dance, here is a summer playlist to make your summer amazing.

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The Ultimate Girl Power Playlist Volume #2

Hello! I decided to make another girl power playlist because I have heard some amazing girl power songs lately and I had to post them before they floated out of my head. If you want to see the first ULTIMATE girl power playlist, you can check it out right here.

These songs on this playlist and songs for girls sung by girls! Check out these girl power songs!

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Playlist of December 8-12, 2015

Hey! Just to tell everybody in advance that is reading this post that popped up in their feed or email or whatever you get my blog posts from, it may be my last blog post this week.

I will be back! I promise! It’s just because I am doing a lot of things this week and over the weekend. Everybody goes through that.

Back to reality, here is my playlist for this wonderful week of December 8-12, 2015.

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Weekend Playlist

Yesterday was a big day for album releases for Justin Bieber and One Direction. Justin Bieber’s album, Purpose came out while One Direction’s album, Made in the A.M. (and I really can’t wait to get it!) also came out yesterday. Here is my weekend playlist for the weekend of November 2015, 13-15.

Jacob Whiteside’s “Let Be Birds.”

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