How to Make a Rainbowloom Fishtail Bracelet

Hello everybody! How is your day going? Mine’s is raining cats and dogs and cloudy, but luckily there is a Disney Channel Original Movie marathon on today. Movies always make cloudy days better.

I haven’t done a craft since one of my very first posts where I showed all of you my St. Patty’s Day bracelets. Today, I am going to show you how to make a Rainbowloom Fishtail bracelet along with a video tutorial and great color combinations.
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Criss-Cross Rainbowloom Bracelet

Hi everyone! I’m glad you all stopped by today! Everyone loves Rainbowloom right? Well today I’m going to share a new bracelet that I made. I have to admit. It is really cute. Here are the steps. I did this on the Monster Tail, but you can also do it on the Rainbowloom. You might have to adjust your loom though. You have to know how to make the Fishtail to make this bracelet.

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Triple Single St. Patty’s Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Hello again!  I hope you all had a good week.  I am excited to share another post with you!!!  Today, I’m going to share my St. Patty’s Rainbow Loom Bracelets.  These are Triple Single Bracelets.  I make these at school and at home all the time.  I love to make these because they are so easy, quick, and they look really pretty!  The rainbow bracelet will go with a lot of outfits!  The shamrock green bracelet would be cute and girly with a cute dress and a matching green flower headband!


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